Hello fellow hackers,

Get ready and prepare yourself for the 2021 edition of the Cyber Security Rumble - a CTF event organized by:
The CTF took place on:
Fr, 26 Nov. 2021, 20:00 UTC - So, 28 Nov. 2021, 20:00 UTC

Due to the given circumstances, we were again forced to host the event online.


For everyone who is not familiar with our event, here is a short summary:
  • This is a jeopardy style CTF.
  • Everyone can compete in the CTF!
  • Again, the max team size is 6 hackers.
  • The points received for the challenges depend on the difficulty and will decrease with every solve.
  • We have a variety of challenges. From easy to hardcore so give it a try.
  • Please make sure to read through both the Terms of Service and Code of Conduct before participating.


  • During the event the main communication will be via our official Discord.
  • If you want to receive the latest new before and during the event follow us at Twitter.


We'll have two prize pools.
One for students of D/A/CH countries and one for the global teams.

Student Prizes

1. Team
  • Awesome trophy.
  • SANS Training OnDemand for all members of the team (max 6).
    The trainings are worth up to 8k € per course.
  • Awesome Hak5 Gadgets.*
2. Team 3. Team
  • Awesome, yet even smaller trophy.
  • Awesome Hak5 Gadgets.*
4-10. Team
  • Awesome Hak5 Gadgets.*

* All Hak5 Gadgets together have a value of around 10k € and are sponsored by NVISO.

Global Category Prizes Sponsored by RedRocket

1. Team
  • Real crowbar hand engraved with your teams name
  • Certificate
  • Cybergeddon DVD
  • Premium Haxxor Schnapps
2. Team
  • Real crowbar hand engraved with your teams name
  • Alexander Marcus - HAPPY BOX #6
  • Certificate
3. Team
  • 31337 Trophy
  • Certificate
  • A copy of "Hacking for Dummies" in dutch